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SurveyGizmo is an exceptionally powerful survey tool designed to make even the most advanced survey projects fun, easy & affordable.

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We make complex surveys easy to build.

We have more advanced functionality than most online survey tools but we keep it simple to use so you are not overwhelmed for simple projects… but have all the power you want for advanced surveys!

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“SurveyGizmo is the easiest and most powerful of all the online survey programs I've used. I recommend it everywhere!”
Robyn Parkin - CHH Woodproducts
CHH Woodproducts
“First-rate customer support, incredible feature set and unlimited customization at a great price. What more could you ask for?”
Gulfstream Aerospace
Featured Features

Complete Brand & Design Control

Customize logos, images, colors, sizes, layout, URL, and everything else about your project’s look. Bring your brand’s power to your online surveys & forms.

Rock your brand

Advanced Survey Logic & Branching

Create super-interactive surveys that validate your respondents’ answers and respond to them by adding, removing, or customizing pages and questions.

If this, then that

Insightful Reporting & Data Analysis

Real-time updates & notifications, one-click advanced reports, and easy exporting mean you can act on your data quickly and with confidence.

Big data you can use

Pricing That Makes Everybody Smile

SurveyGizmo is designed so anyone can use it, that’s why our plans scale to fit anyone from a student to enterprise corporations with hundreds of users.

Don't break the bank

Question Types For Every Occasion

We have every basic question type from multiple choice to open text, and advanced analysis questions like Likert Scale and Net Promoter Score.

Question Everything

Enterprise & Collaboration Tools

Invite teams of users with privileges you can administrate. Use our built-in collaboration tools to make sure everyone stays on the same page.

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