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ecommerce salary survey 2016

a great big cranberry welcome

Our ecommerce salary survey has now closed. Please feel free to take a look at the questions (and submit some answers if you'd like to contribute towards our in-house #PandaPounds content series), but be aware that any responses submitted after March 7th 2016 won't be included within our 2016 ecommerce salary survey and insights report.  

Questions? Get in touch with the marketing team - Amanda ( or Chris ( 


About our ecommerce salary survey
Over 500 ecom superstars got involved in this year's survey. Topics covered salary, industry growth, salary expectations, personal branding and workplace happiness. 
Our report provides ecommerce superstars and brands worldwide with invaluable industry insights and salary guidance and it's downloaded by people all over the world daily. 

For each of the first 500 respondents, we're giving £1 to a charity of their choice - The Running Charity (helping homeless youths) or Anthony Nolan (finding donors to save the lives of blood cancer patients). 

Survey findings will be presented in aggregate. There will be no personally identifiable information presented in the report or within any of our #PandaPounds content unless we have received written authorisation from the individual/s who are to be quoted. 

Email opt in recap for salary survey respondents who took part before March 7th 
We'll be in touch with #PandaPounds launch party details and salary survey emails following the close of the survey if (and only if) you opted in to our #PandaPounds email in question 43 of the survey. Opting in, you'll receive a free digital copy of our 2016 report and you'll also have the opportunity to get your paws on free tickets** to our Panda Pounds launch party, which will take place at Dirty Martini on April 19th. 

*Survey findings will be presented in aggregate in our #PandaPounds report, to be launched on April 19th. Exciting!
** Limited tickets available - maximum of 2 tickets per respondent 
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