About Us

SurveyGizmo is a web-based software company giving researchers, and small and enterprise companies powerful tools to create online surveys, questionnaires and forms – allowing capture and analysis of virtually any type of data essential for business.

Founded in 2006 and based in Boulder, Colorado, SurveyGizmo is an industry thought leader focused on bringing its customers new solutions for gathering and managing data, while delivering unparalleled support. SurveyGizmo has developed some of the most innovative technologies in the online survey industry, and its API provides easy integration of its robust data collection platform with external enterprise software.

Survey Gizmo’s focus in giving back to the community is becoming an advocate of education. Starting with Boulder’s September School, an alternative school we are supporting in many ways, from IT support to involvement with education programs. Looking forward, we will look for opportunities to provide scholarships.

Our Team

Our expert customer service is one of the pillars that makes SurveyGizmo an amazing product. Right now, we have a 60 person (and growing) team with various skills sets and experience levels. Along with focus on customer service, our team is concentrated on producing an innovative product with ever-growing and evolving capabilities in response to your continuing needs. We like to think of it as a never-ending cycle. We listen to our customers, their needs and pain points, and are constantly innovating to give them more powerful tools to help them drive their business. Read more about the Co-founders and the rest of our team.

Our Respect for Your Privacy and Security

Our privacy policy forbids the use (or trading) of customer-collected information. (See our Privacy Policy.) All data is held in secure data centers with state of the art back-up and redundancy programs. Account data is password-protected, and only account holders can access these accounts. We also strive to meet all modern data security and privacy requirements. SurveyGizmo is compliant and certified under both HIPAA (guidelines for the handling of medical information) and Safe Harbor (European Union privacy protection standards) programs.

Our Customers

SurveyGizmo has customers in 64 countries with online surveys running in more than 129 countries worldwide.

Our customers include dozens of major universities, numerous large hospitals, Adobe, Apple, Gulfstream Aerospace, General Mills, CMP, MarketingSherpa, ExactTarget, Global Alerts, American Home Shield, KnowledgeStorm, Eplica, Endeca, Hershey’s, United Health Group, Reed Business Information, American Cancer Society, and Disney (just to name a few).

Our Partners

We have multiple partnerships with companies that know SurveyGizmo on a personal level and can easily integrate with our system. We have partnerships with email service providers, survey analysts and experts, and research panels. To learn more and get into contact with them, visit our Partners page.

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