$ 1500
  • All 1000+ features, plus:
  • 5 Users
  • Full User Control
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integrations
  • Private Team Training
  • Application - Co branding
  • 100k Contacts per survey

Need More Info?

Not all organizations have the same needs when using survey software. And not all survey software is the same.

To help, we have prepared this Enterprise Overview to assist with your search.

To learn more, speak with an Enterprise Account Manager.

Highlighted Features

User Management

Easily manage all of your organization’s survey data under one account while maintaining separate teams and permissions to ensure privacy. You can even customize a single signon (SSO) page.

Brand Adaptable

Whether it’s branding within the application, a custom theme or a private domain, we’ll make sure your respondents see you, so you get all the credit.


Your data belongs to you. Using state of the art SSL encryption and modern web technologies and business controls, we keep your data safe, private and fully under your control. Contact us to request a full security packet.

Full Features

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Account Features

Enterprise is for teams and large organizations. Get your team collaborating on surveys.
5 10+
User, Teams and Role Permissions
Have the ultimate control on your account and keep your organization working efficiently.
Event Passes
SurveyGizmo hosts training events across the US every year. As an Enterprise customer, you receive complimentary passes.
Webinar Survey Training
As an Enterprise customer, our training team will customize a live online training that suits your team's survey needs.