$ 1800
  • All the features of Premier, plus:
  • 10 Users
  • User, Teams and Role Permissions
  • 50k Contacts per Survey
$ 3600
Enterprise Plus
  • All the features of Enterprise, plus:
  • 30 Users
  • Application Co-Branding
  • Custom Theme
  • Secure Private Domain
  • 75k Contacts per Survey
  • Webinar Training
  • All the features of Enterprise Plus, with:
  • 30+ Users
  • Service Agreement (SLA)
  • Project and API Consultation
  • 250k Contacts per Survey
  • Private Training
  • Security Assessment
  • Reseller
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
Highlighted Features

Large-Scale User Management

Easily manage all of your organization’s survey data under one account while maintaining separate teams and permissions to ensure privacy. You can even customize a single signon (SSO) page.

Brand Adaptable

Whether it’s branding within the application, a custom theme or a private domain, we’ll make sure your respondents see you, so you get all the credit.

Full Features

Feature Comparison Table All of the below in addition to the Premier Plan

Account Features

Enterprise Plus
Custom Pricing
Enterprise is for teams and large organizations. Get your team collaborating on surveys.
10 30 30+
User, Teams and Role Permissions
Have the ultimate control on your account and keep your organization working efficiently.
Event Passes
SurveyGizmo hosts training events across the US every year. As an Enterprise customer, you receive complimentary passes.
1 2 Custom
Webinar Survey Training
As an Enterprise customer, our training team will customize a live online training that suits your team's survey needs.
Project and API Consultation
Our Solutions Engineers are here to help collaborate with you on your project as well as assist with our API.
Custom Single Sign On (SSO)
SurveyGizmo works with your IT organization to determine and implement the best SSO solution for you.
Service Agreement (SLA)
Does your legal or procurement team require more than the standard terms of service? We may be able to accommodate your specific project needs with a customized service agreement.
Security Assessment Packet
Does your IT team have questions that need to be answered before onboarding your organization? We offer a thorough security packet for our Enterprise customers.
Direct Phone Support
Reporting Features
Enterprise Enterprise Plus Dedicated
Basic Reporting
Summary Reports, Excel Exports, Powerpoint, PDFs
Filtering & Grouping
Filter your data, compare it and publish sub-reports
Advanced Exports
SPSS (.SAV), Piping Export
Advanced Reporting
Cross Tabs, Comparison, Segmentation Reports, Open Text Analysis
Custom Report API
Build your own Report Types using your own algorithms!
Themes, Branding & Styles
Enterprise Enterprise Plus Dedicated
Dozens of Pre-Made Themes
All mobile optimized and responsive!
Style Editor
Customize Fonts, Text, Colors, Images, Buttons, etc.
Remove "SurveyGizmo"
Use your own domain (URL) in your survey links, hide SurveyGizmo, and totally brand your survey!
Brand the Application
Invite clients to use SurveyGizmo with you. Custom brand the app with your images & colors
Distribution Methods
Enterprise Enterprise Plus Dedicated
Default Link
Basic survey link, easy to use!
Secure Links
Use SSL to secure your data collection!
Mobile Optimized Surveys
Surveys automatically reformat to create a great mobile experience
Offline Surveys
Download your surveys to a tablet, phone or laptop to be taken without an internet connection!
Panel Intergation
Buy responses from our intergated panel with Cint or any other panel provider!
Branded Link
Change "www.surveygizmo.com" to "surveys.yourdomain.com"