The Facebook Survey App – Integration & FAQ

SurveyGizmo now integrates with Facebook! This Facebook survey app links your SurveyGizmo account to Facebook, and allows you to publish Surveys, Polls and Quizzes to your Facebook fans, friends and even people you don’t know yet!

In the spirit of being social, SurveyGizmo also gives any Facebook member that accept the survey app, the ability to create their own surveys, polls and quizzes. It will automatically create a free SurveyGizmo account for them, based off of their Facebook profile settings.

Here is what the main dashboard of the Facebook survey app looks like:


Using the integration from within SurveyGizmo

Inside SurveyGizmo you’ll now see a new publishing option for surveys, polls, quizzes and forms. This allows you to share a survey directly from SurveyGizmo to your Facebook account. You will need to link your Facebook Account to your SurveyGizmo account first, before you can post.

Once you have linked your account, you can then publish your surveys to your Facebook Wall, or send Requests to take your survey to your friends and fans.

Using the survey app from within Facebook

Anyone who takes a Facebook survey gets access to their very own SurveyGizmo portal. They can create new surveys, quizzes and polls to send out — and they can take quizzes and polls created by other Facebook members.

It’s a great way to make new friends and it acts like a completely free panel company.


Grrr, I can only send X number of survey invitations per day!?

Yes, this is a Facebook thing. As our Facebook application grows in popularity and gets solid reviews that number will automatically go up. The best way to send out your survey through Facebook right now (and help us propagate) is to post your survey to your Wall using our Facebook survey app. Also, set ‘Friend-to-Friend’ sharing on your survey when you send it out. This will let folks know your survey is out there and hopefully spread it virally.

Can I see who answered my survey?

No. Sorry, it’s a privacy thing. We need to respect the privacy of Facebook users. However, there is nothing stopping you from *asking* in your survey. But we can’t share their demographics or profile names with you. Sorry!

Can I segment who sees my ‘public’ surveys by Facebook profile info?

Not yet, but soon! We need to reach a critical mass first.

Do I need a Facebook account to send surveys to people on Facebook?

Yes, and No. You can publish a survey to Facebook as a ‘Public’ Survey, Quiz or Poll. Your survey will appear to folks on their SurveyGizmo dashboard. However the best way to send out a survey is from your own Facebook account which you can link to SurveyGizmo. This allows you to send out your survey to friends and post it on your Facebook wall easily and quickly.

Why do you give everyone the ability to create surveys, polls and quizzes on Facebook?

We feel that it’s in the spirit of the social community. If someone is going to take a survey, they might also want to create one of their own.

I created a Free SurveyGizmo account on Facebook, can I upgrade to get more features?

You bet you can! Just click on “Account Settings” or “Upgrade” in the upper right corner of your SurveyGizmo Account. We also suggest giving us a ‘real’ email address at that point so we can communicate with you directly.