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Charged yearly at $270 Save $30 with annual
$58 $65 a month
Charged yearly at $702 Save $78 with annual
$85 $95 a month
Charged yearly at $1026 Save $114 with annual

Over 30 Question Types

Logic, Actions, Piping

Brand Customization

Unlimited Responses

Advanced Reporting

Custom Branded Links

Data Cleaning Tools

Data Encryption

HIPAA Compliance

Website Intercept

Survey Tester Collaboration

Custom Scripting Capability

Create Custom Question Types


2 1 2 1 2 1

Free Email Contacts Per Survey

10,000 5,000 20,000 10,000 40,000 20,000
$208 a month
Charged yearly at $2500

For organizations with multi-user needs

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Admin Features
User Counts
For multiple users choose one of our Enterprise Plans
1 1 1 10+
Building Features
Basic Pro Premier Enterprise
30 Question Types
Combine with multiple layouts, validation options and designs to create 100s of question types!
Advanced Questions
Sliders, Signature, Semantic Differential, Cascading Drop Down
Logic & Looping
Show and hide questions, pipe data, loop pages and questions or get really advanced!
Actions & Notifications
Act on your data! Send emails, post data to Salesforce, collect payments and more!
Advanced Experiments
Max Diff, Custom Question Type API, and Conjoint
Reporting Features
Basic Pro Premier Enterprise
Basic Reporting
Summary Reports, Excel Exports, Powerpoint, PDFs
Filtering & Grouping
Filter your data, compare it and publish sub-reports
Advanced Exports
SPSS (.SAV), Piping Export
Advanced Reporting
Cross Tabs, Comparison, Segmentation Reports, Open Text Analysis
Custom Report API
Build your own Report Types using your own algorithms!
Themes, Branding & Styles
Basic Pro Premier Enterprise
Dozens of Pre-Made Themes
All mobile optimized and responsive!
Style Editor
Customize Fonts, Text, Colors, Images, Buttons, etc
Remove "SurveyGizmo"
Use your own domain (URL) in your survey links, hide SurveyGizmo, and totally brand your survey!
Brand the Application
Invite clients to use SurveyGizmo with you. Custom brand the app with your images & colors
Distribution Methods
Basic Pro Premier Enterprise
Default Link
Basic survey link, easy to use!
Secure Links
Use SSL to secure your data collection!
Mobile Optimized Surveys
Surveys automatically reformat to create a great mobile experience
Offline Surveys
Download your surveys to a tablet, phone or laptop to be taken without an internet connection!
Panel Integration
Buy responses from our integrated panel with Cint or any other panel provider!
Branded Link
Change "www.surveygizmo.com" to "surveys.yourdomain.com"
Hundreds of other features
Far too many other features to list (even in our "Full Feature List")
We are an agile software company and constantly upgrading and adding features. It's kind of our "thing".
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