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Master of Divinity Exit Interview pre-2016

This last required milestone is due the last day of your last year at PSR, and you are encouraged to fill it out in consultation with your advisor. Note that your MDiv diploma will be held if this last milestone is not submitted. Upon completion, a copy of your Interview will be sent to you and your advisor at the emails you provide on this form. Please ensure you use the official school email addresses for both yourself and your advisor.

A copy of your completed form will also be sent to the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and will be archived in the Office of Academic Affairs for a limited number of years separately from your official student file for the purpose of tracking milestone completion, institutional research, and providing data for accrediting bodies. Faculty advisors are expected to read your Interview. Responses from all students in aggregate form may be shared with faculty for the purposes of student advisement. If data is presented in aggregate form to other non-PSR third parties such as accreditors, all personal identifiers (such as your name and email) will be removed.

Please submit any further questions about this milestone to the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs at

Thank you!

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Review your answers to the questions on your Middler Self-Assessment form and Entrance Interview. If you did not keep a copy for yourself, please request a copy from the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs who will provide you a copy if there is one on file.



3. Please indicate how satisfied you are with your education at PSR in the following areas by selecting a number 0-10, with 0 meaning “not at all satisfied” and 10 meaning “extremely satisfied.”
Space Cell Not at all Satisfied: 0123456789Extremely Satisfied: 10n/a
a. Your overall preparation for ministry
b. Knowledge of theological traditions
c. Knowledge of church history
d. Knowledge of your own religious tradition, its polity and history
e. Knowledge of ethics
f. Skill in community organizing
g. Skill in using the arts in communication
h. Ability to preach well
i. Ability to interpret and use Scripture
j. Ability to give spiritual guidance
k. Ability to plan and lead religious education
l. Ability to lead others
m. Ability to conduct worship/liturgy
n. Ability to relate faith to social issues
o. Ability in pastoral theology, care & counseling
p. Ability to lead an organization/parish
q. Ability to think and preach theologically
r. Ability to write clearly
s. Ability to seek out relevant and appropriate sources
t. Ability to explore new issues independently and develop your own point of view
u. Appreciation for what is intellectually unfamiliar or novel
v. Ability to think critically and grasp and analyze new ideas
w. Ability to interpret the arts
x. Ability to think theologically about current issues
4. How helpful was the field education/internship experience to you? 
Please indicate how helpful the field education/internship was in the following areas by selecting a number 0-10, with 0 meaning “not at all helpful” and 10 meaning “extremely helpful.”
Space Cell Not at all Helpful: 0123456789Extremely Helpful: 10n/a
a. Greater vocational clarity
b. Improved pastoral skills
c. Greater ability to reflect theologically
d. Greater interest in future ministry
e. More self-confidence
f. Greater sense of people's needs
g. Better idea of my strengths and weaknesses
h. Greater self-understanding
i. Deepening your personal faith

How have you changed since you began the MDiv program?
On a scale of 1-5, please rate your abilities in the following areas now as compared to when you began the MDiv program


Space Cell 1: Much Weaker2: Weaker3: About the Same4; Stronger5: Much Strongern/a
a. Empathy for the poor and oppressed
b. Ability to pray
c. Concern about social justice
d. Enthusiasm for learning
e. Insight into the troubles of others
f. Desire to become an authority in my field
g. Trust in God
h. Self-discipline and focus
i. Respect for other religious traditions
j. Respect for my own relig. traditions
k. Ability to live my faith in daily life
l. Clarity of vocational goals
m. Self-confidence
n. Self-understanding
o. Strength of spiritual life
p. Knowledge and sensitivity to racial justice and cross-cultural competency
q. Knowledge and sensitivity to g/l/b/t issues
r. Understanding dynamics of social and economic class