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Virginia SRTS Program--QuickStart Mini-grant Application

QuickStrart Mini-grant Application Welcome

Sponsored by FHWA and the Virginia Safe Routes to School Program.

Welcome to the QuickStart Mini-grant application form!

Any school/community is eligible for a QuickStart Mini-grant, but priority may be given to applications from communities that are starting SRTS programs or include Title 1 schools.

Eligible applicants include:

  • Adult-supervised elementary or middle school groups or clubs;
  • Adult-supervised high school groups/clubs that wish to partner with a nearby elementary or middle school;
  • Faculty, staff, or parent volunteers at elementary or middle schools;
  • Local governments;
  • Tribal governments; and/or
  • Community based or private non-profit organizations that will work with a school to improve safety and/or increase the number of children who safely walk or bicycle to school.
Eligible activities include activities that:
  • Encourage safe walking, bicycling, and driving habits;
  • Increase the number of students walking and bicycling to school; and/or
  • Emphasize physical activity and health.
Mini-grant activities should occur within 90 days of award. Click here for additional information about eligible activities.

Schools may not benefit from more than one QuickStart Mini-grant per grant cycle. The fall grant cycle goes from August to October, and the spring grant cycle goes from February to April.  In addition, schools that have been included in a VDOT SRTS Non-Infrastructure Grant are not eligible for QuickStart Mini-grant during the non-infrastructure grant period.  
To complete the application, you will need a letter of support from the principals of each of the schools covered by this application.
You don't have to complete the application in one sitting.
If you cannot complete the application in one sitting, or wish to forward it to a colleague to complete, please click "Save and Continue Application Later" at the top of the page and enter your email address or the email address of the colleague to whom you wish to forward the survey. SurveyGizmo will then send a message to the email address you provided with a link allowing whoever clicks it to resume the application where you left off. Once you click the "Submit" button at the end of the application, you will not be able to change your previously entered responses. 
If you would like to preview the grant application, please click here.
Have questions about QuickStart Mini-grants? Email or call 1-855-601-7787 (Toll Free).