Factors that Influence Minority Student Enrollment at Various Levels of Postsecondary Education

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PROJECT TITLE: Factors that Influence Minority Student Enrollment at Various Levels of Postsecondary Education.
INTRODUCTION: The purposes of this form are to give you information that may affect your decision whether to say YES or NO to participation in this research, and to record the consent of those who say YES. The study is called Factors that Influence Minority Student Enrollment at Various Levels of Postsecondary Education and will be conducted at various schools in Virginia through an online survey distribution process.
RESEARCHERS: Responsible Project Investigator: Dr. Edward Neukrug, Professor in the Counseling & Human Services Program, Department of Education. Co-Principle Investigator: LaShauna Dean-Nganga (Doctoral student in the Counselor Education and Supervision program, under the Department of Education).
DESCRIPTION OF RESEARCH STUDY: This quantitative study endeavors to gain a better understanding of the factors that influence minority student enrollment in postsecondary schools. This research has the potential to address an important literature gap and provide implications that can benefit various stakeholders in Colleges of Education specifically and colleges and universities in general. If you agree to participate in the study, it is anticipated to take approximately 25-35 minutes to complete. During the online survey, you will be answering a series of questions based on your high school experiences. Approximately 360 other students will be participating in this study.
EXCLUSIONARY CRITERIA: You should have classified yourself as either African American or Latino/Hispanic and be between the ages of 18-20 during the demographic questionnaire in order to participate in this study. To the best of your knowledge, you should not have any intellectual disabilities or serious mental health concerns that would keep you from participating in this study.
RISKS AND BENEFITS: RISKS: If you decide to participate in this study, then you may face a risk of some discomfort as you address any of the questions posed. The researcher tried to reduce these risks by providing support via assigned research assistants and/or providing the contact information for primary researchers. And, as with any research, there is some possibility that you may be subject to risks that have not yet been identified. BENEFITS: There are no direct benefits for participation in the study however your participation in this study is helping to further the understanding of ways minority students can increase enrollment in higher education.
COSTS AND PAYMENTS: There are no direct payment for participation in this study however participants will be entered into a drawing to win several gift cards. At the completion of the online survey, you will be given an opportunity to enter your email address to win one of several gift cards. Participation in this study is not expected to cost any additional money.
NEW INFORMATION: If the researchers find new information during this study that would reasonably change your decision about participating, then they will give it to you.
CONFIDENTIALITY: The researchers will take reasonable steps to keep private information, such as keeping the questionnaires and demographic sheet utilized, confidential. The researcher will remove any identifying information on the questionnaires utilized, destroy the questionnaires once the data is entered, and store information in a locked filing cabinet prior to its processing and once processed the data will be saved to a password protected shared account. The results of this study may be used in reports, presentations, and publications; but the researcher will not identify you. Of course, your records may be subpoenaed by court order or inspected by government bodies with oversight authority.
WITHDRAWAL PRIVILEGE: It is OK for you to say NO. Even if you say YES now, you are free to say NO later, and walk away or withdraw from the study at any time. Your decision will not affect your relationship with your school, or otherwise cause a loss of benefits to which you might otherwise be entitled.
COMPENSATION FOR ILLNESS AND INJURY: If you say YES, then your consent in this document does not waive any of your legal rights. However, in the event of psychological distress arising from this study, neither Old Dominion University nor the researchers are able to give you any money, insurance coverage, free medical care, or any other compensation for such harm. In the event that you suffer injury as a result of participation in any research project, you may contact Dr. Ed Neukrug at 757-683-6497, Ms. LaShauna Dean at 757-749-3593, or George Maihafer the current IRB chair at 757-683 4520 at Old Dominion University. Either will be glad to review the matter with you. You may additionally contact the Office of Research at 757-683-3460.
VOLUNTARY CONSENT: By agreeing with this form and taking the survey, you are saying several things. You are saying that you have read this form or have had it read to you, that you are satisfied that you understand this form, the research study, and its risks and benefits. The researchers should have answered any questions you may have had about the research. If you have any questions later on, then the researchers should be able to answer them: Dr. Edward Neukrug at 757-683-6497 or Ms. LaShauna Dean at 757-749-3593. If at any time you feel pressured to participate, or if you have any questions about your rights or this form, then you should call George Maihafer, the current IRB chair, at 757-683 4520, or the Old Dominion University Office of Research, at 757 683 3460.
INVESTIGATOR'S STATEMENT: I certify that I have explained to this subject the nature and purpose of this research, including benefits, risks, costs, and any experimental procedures. I have described the rights and protections afforded to human subjects and have done nothing to pressure, coerce, or falsely entice this subject into participating. I am aware of my obligations under state and federal laws, and promise compliance. I have answered the subject's questions and have encouraged him/her to ask additional questions at any time during the course of this study. I have witnessed the above signature(s) on this consent form.
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