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The Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training (NEMOJT), a partner in the Regional Workforce Center system, has received a grant from the State of Minnesota to develop the Northeast Career EdVenture project that will provide career guidance and planning services for secondary students. NEMOJT has been providing career development services and job search assistance to residents of the Arrowhead since 1974 and will now offer our extensive expertise to students for planning their role in our future workforce.

This is your chance to




Responses to this survey will be kept in a database for use when schools indicate interest in particular project resources that could involve the business community. By specifying how your business is willing to get involved with your local schools, we can better match school needs with interested and available professionals.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Indicating interest in any of the below activities does not obligate you to participate. Should a need arise in the categories you indicate, you will be contacted to determine your availability well in advance of any activity.
  • Office of Job Training staff will be available to you prior to any engagement with the school to help you prepare and will also be there to facilitate the activities.
  • Presentations and group activity materials are already established so it is not expected that you create or bring your own materials.

Please check the items below that you or your organization is willing to be involved with.

Individual students could be matched with employees in jobs that: 1) are critical to your business/industry, 2) represent hard-to-find or emerging skills, or 3) occupations in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM). Timing is flexible and will be individually designed with business operations and student schedules in mind.

Most students are totally unaware of what happens behind the doors of private business. Opening their minds to what your business or industry is all about may help inspire a student to consider a field they never even knew existed.

Based on a successful, established model from BestPrep, students and mentors exchange one email message per week for 6-10 weeks. Each email message is guided by a series of prompts developed with the teacher and is based on workplace behavior and soft skills. Classes of students are typically paired with groups of individuals from the same business. This may include one face-to-face meeting that could be hosted at your business. The time commitment for mentors is roughly 20 minutes per week.

For classes or groups of students, you will be given questions to ask with the opportunity to critique students, helping them gain valuable interviewing practice and hone this important skill.

Career Fairs and Job Fairs

Career fairs are when groups of employers gather to educate students about their business and industry, typically with no hiring intentions. School-based job fairs would be more focused on open positions that students might fill on a temporary, part-time, or seasonal basis.
Work Experience/Internships

There are existing programs in our region that place students in temporary work assignments so they can gain valuable real-world skills and learn about employer expectations. These assignments are typically 32 hours or less for 8 weeks in the summer or 5-10 hours per week during the school year. Please indicate if your business would consider hosting a student in this capacity.
Work Experience/Internship Compensation

Some existing Work Experience/Internship programs include the provision for paying a student's wage for this temporary job placement. However, these programs are limited to certain student eligibility criteria. Temporary work experience or internship assignments could be either paid or unpaid.
Class Presentations

Using established materials from resources like Junior Achievement and expertise from local programs, give presentations to classes or groups of students on topics like career and workplace awareness or personal finance (project staff will be available to help you prepare if needed). Indicate below which topics you or your coworkers would be willing to present:
Please indicate whether your business would consider hosting a teacher to shadow employees in order to better understand the private sector and what they are preparing students for. Their experience results in a compilation of descriptive information about applied concepts as they relate to local jobs as well as classroom activities for teachers across the region to use.
If you don't have the staff time to spare but still want to contribute to this important cause, consider starting a corporate giving account to support career awareness activities at local schools.
Enter Your Contact Information:

You will receive a confirmation that your information has been received. Project staff will then communicate with you when there are opportunities to interact with schools in the capacities that you have indicated.
This project will be serving the seven-county region of Aitkin, Carlton, Cook, Itasca, Koochiching, Lake, and St Louis. Indicate either the number of miles from your location or counties you are willing to serve.