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The Carbon Data Uncertainties survey -- Carbon Data Challenge Prize


Nesta, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and the Centre for Carbon Measurement at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) are getting ready to launch a challenge prize on carbon data. We are conducting this survey to get wider input into the specific focus and design of the prize.

The need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is one of the biggest challenges of our time.  A major barrier to achieving emissions reduction is a lack of accurate and useable data and tools to help investors, policy makers, businesses and the public make the decisions and take the action that will be mosst effective.  If the right data, at the right level of detail and accuracy can be made available in ways that are usable and relevant to the real world, then we should be able to make greater progress towards reducing emissions.

This survey has been put together following initial consultation, which has led us to four options for how to focus the prize.  The results of this survey will help to inform the decision on which challenge to launch, will help us get that challenge right, and provide insights that will be useful to people responding to the challenge. 

A challenge prize is a prize offered to whoever can first or most effectively respond to a specific challenge.  In the carbon data prize we anticipate inviting initial responses to the challenge and then inviting around 10 Finalists to receive support to further develop and test their solutions. The winner/s will be the new solutions that perform best during testing and show potential for achieving greatest impact (based a range of factors including cost-effectiveness and usability).