MDiv MIDDLER Summary Sheet

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This sheet is required as confirmation that you have:

  • Recruited a Middler panel headed by your primary advisor that consists of a secondary advisor (only if assigned by the Assistant Dean), your field education supervisor, a denominational or vocational credential representative, and 1-2 peers
  • Confirmed that all on your panel have agreed to the date and time listed above to be either physically present to available via conference call.
  • Scheduled a location for the review. Usually you can reserve either Holbrook 133 or 41 after checking their availability then sending your request through the online room reservation form, receiving confirmation for the reservation from the PSR receptionist, and reserving (if needed) conference calling equipment if in room 41 for a two-hour block.

Please submit this form as soon as you have completed the above. Not doing so may prevent you from registering for the next semester and continuing in the program due to an academic block. Once submitted, you and your primary advisor will instantly receive a copy via email. The Assistant Dean for Academic Programs will also receive a copy for tracking purposes. 

Further clarification regarding this form may be found in the rest of the Middler Review Guidelines or by consulting the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs at

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2. Confirmed schedule
3. Review Participants