Executive functioning and exercise addiction in males and females with symptoms of muscle dysmorphia

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Briefing information

This research involves an assessment of how well people perform everyday tasks involving memory (executive functioning), as a function of the diet and exercise they undertake, their ethnicity, age, gender, current body mass index and sexuality.

If you agree to take part in my study,
you will be asked to complete questionnaires relating to:
• Demographic & personal information (e.g. ethnicity, age, height, weight (actual height and weight values will be obtained using appropriate measurement instruments (scales, tape measure) and will be used to calculate your body mass index), gender, substance use and sexual orientation)
• Eating attitudes and behaviours and body image (MDDI; DEBQ)
• Cognitive function (How you think about things and undertake tasks: BRIEF-A)
• How often you have thoughts about food and body shape
• Mood (Depression: CES-D)
• A measure of fluid intelligence, comprised of simple puzzles (Raven's Progressive Matrices Scale)

It should only take you about around 22 minutes to complete the questionnaire.
The questionnaire is anonymous you do not provide your name. From the moment you click submit you give your consent for us to use your answers for the purposes of the research. You have the right to withdraw from the study up until the point when you submit the completed questionnaires. After that, withdrawal is impossible, as the questionnaires are anonymous. The individual data will not be traceable to any participant. Data will be analyzed and may be used for journal publications and presentations; the results (data from all participants combined) will therefore be seen by relevant people (eg. my Supervisor, Journal Editor, etc...).

Thank you for your time,

Researcher: Glen Carrigan, University of Central Lancashire, email gacarrigan@uclan.ac.uk.

Supervisor: Dr Noreen Caswell, BSc., MSc., PhD., CPsychol, FHEA, HPC, Chartered Health Psychologist and Registered Health Practitioner, University of Central Lancashire, Darwin Building, Room 118, email ncaswell1@uclan.ac.uk
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