Bed-Stuy Farm Share (BSFS) End of Season Survey - 2012

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Thank you for participating in the BedStuy Farm Share 2012 Season. Although we aren't continuing the CSA next season, we are exploring other ways the BSFS might better serve the community, and need your honest feedback on this past season. Your response will make a significant impact on our future efforts and our community's health and wellness.
1. Do you eat more fresh and seasonal foods during the BSFS season as a result of your membership?
2. How likely are you to seek out or join one of the other food projects in the neighborhood (CSA, co-op, buying club)? *This question is required.
3. Did you complete your volunteer requirements this season?
4. Were you satisfied with your volunteer commitment this season?
5. How long have you been with the BSFS?

In the textbox below, please tell us how this past season met your expectations (or didn't if that is the case).
6. How satisfied were you with your share this past season?
6. How satisfied were you with your share this past season?SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfiedNot Applicable
Quality of produce
Size of share
Variety of produce
7. How would you rate your overall BSFS experience this season? *This question is required.
9. Would you benefit from a BSFS online newsletter for updates on the project and other food related events in the neighborhood?
We would like to follow-up with you regarding this survey. Please give us your name and best contact information below.
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