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TIGA: Piracy

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1. Is piracy of video games a problem for your business? *This question is required.
2. What do you think is the best way of addressing the problem of piracy (please select one of the following): *This question is required.
3. Do you agree or disagree that people who persist in illegally swapping copyrighted files of films, music and games on the internet should have their internet connection slowed down and ultimately severed if they ignore warning letters to stop? *This question is required.
4. In relation to your business, is the problem of piracy: *This question is required.
5. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is scarcely noticeable and 10 is imminent threat to business survival, where would you put peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing? *This question is required.
6. Is P2P something you expect to be a threat in 5 years' time? *This question is required.
8. Are you considering different ways of doing business as a consequence? *This question is required.
9. Is piracy higher on Android smartphones than on other handsets such as the iPhone? *This question is required.
10. Does piracy via rooted or jailbroken smartphones deter you from making smartphone games? *This question is required.
11. Is enough being done to tackle smartphone piracy? *This question is required.
14. Has your business had any successful experiences reducing piracy? *This question is required.
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