It Girl Application - 2013

Basic Information
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Rent the Runway is launching its “It Girl” program on college campuses across the nation! Gain unlimited access to a “closet” of Rent the Runway dresses, earn cash, build professional sales experience and get first access to interview for a summer internship at Rent the Runway’s headquarters in New York!

The “It Girl” program aims to bring Rent the Runway directly to your campus! An RTR “It Girl” will host a closet of RTR dresses on campus and encourage girls to sign up for a monthly subscription, giving them unlimited access to the trunk of dresses during that month. At the end of each month, the “It Girl” will return the dresses to RTR, earn commission on her sales and receive a new trunk of dresses for the following month!

Please note this program is independent of the Runway Rep program.

Job Requirements:
• Currently enrolled in a 4-year college program
• Qualities: excellent verbal and written communication skills, responsible, willing to think out of the box
• Minimum commitment of 10 hours per week
• (Recommended): Sales experience

Benefits of being an RTR “It Girl”:
• Get unlimited access to your RTR trunk of dresses & accessories!
• Gain first-hand experience as a fashion buyer
• Earn up to $550 per month!
• First access to interview for summer internship position at Rent the Runway HQ

*Must be 18 years of age. The It Girl role is treated as an independent contractor; it is not a direct employment opportunity with Rent the Runway.
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