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Pastors' Electronic Bulk Mail New Recipient Sign Up

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1. We are pleased to share this Pastors' Electronic Bulk Mail e-resource as a way to digitally distribute documents among pastors, parish administrators, and other ministry leaders throughout the diocese.

Individuals can sign up for this bi-weekly email by completing this online form. Inclusion into the regular mailing list is reserved to individuals approved by the Vicar for Ministers.

Completion of all information in this form and granting permission for inclusion into this mailing list is necessary for compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

If you need any further information or assistance regarding the Pastors' Electronic Bulk Mail, please contact Barb Gauthier, the lead coordinator of this initiative within the Communications Department, at 920-272-8208. Thank you.
2. Please let us know the name of the pastor, parish administrator or other individual authorizing this subscription. Please note that they may be contacted for confirmation, and that this is not required for diocesan Curia members.