Oakland Museum of California Community Survey

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Be a part of informing the Oakland Museum of California's future! As a community institution, we want to learn what the museum means to you. Thank you for spending a few minutes to help us make the museum even better. If you have further questions you may contact Kristin Heller at kristin@olivegroveconsulting.com.
2. When did you last visit the Oakland Museum of California to view the galleries, see an exhibition, or attend an event?
3. Which of the age ranges listed below do you fall into?
4. How likely is it that you would recommend attending the Oakland Museum of California to a friend or family member? (10 is most likely, 1 is least likely)
5. What best describes your primary relationship with the Oakland Museum of California? (e.g., you may have multiple relationships with the museum. Which would you describe as your most important relationship?)
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