'For Science!': An exploratory study into the underlying dynamics of game playing.

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This study is being carried out by Poppy Marston, under the supervision of Dr. Roxanne Khan as part of a research project for the MSc Forensic Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire. The study aims to investigate the relationship between video game play, personality and internalising and externalising behaviours. You will be asked to complete five questionnaires, which may take 15-20 minutes to complete in total. All responses are completely anonymous. The anonymity of this study is enhanced by the online nature. Your personal details will not be recorded at any point and individual answers will not be viewed by anyone other than the researcher. Please read through each question carefully and answer all of the questions as truthfully as possible. By submitting the completed questionnaire, you are agreeing to take part in this investigation. However, you have the right to withdraw from this study. If you wish to withdraw during the investigation, do not continue answering the questions and do not submit. You can simply close the browser. Due to this study being online and completely anonymous, once questionnaires have been completed, they would not be able to be identified personally. Therefore it is important to be sure that you want to take part. If you do withdraw from this study but wish to view the debrief sheet (which details the aims, predictions and measures used in the study), please contact me using the following details: Poppy Marston, School of Psychology, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 2HE. Pmarston1@uclan.ac.uk The questionnaires used in this study are not of a sensitive nature and are not intended to cause any distress. If some questions related to your past involvement and attitudes towards criminal behaviours cause distress, please remember that your participation is voluntary and that you can withdraw at any time before submission. Please click 'Next' to begin the questionnaire.
1. Please confirm that you are over 18.
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