Franklin School of Innovation Petition

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We invite you to sign a petition in support of The Franklin School of Innovation (FSI).  

FSI is a proposed Buncombe County charter school that will serve students in grades 6-12. FSI will follow the Expeditionary Learning model developed by Outward Bound and the Harvard School of Education, which emphasizes hands-on project-based learning, a spirit of inquiry and critical thinking, and strong character development. It will be open to all NC students. If approved, it will open Fall 2014 with grades 6-9, and add one grade per year. Click here to open our web site in a new window.

Our Mission: The Franklin School of Innovation is preparing the next generation of leaders, capable of solving problems and participating effectively and ethically as local and global citizens. Through challenging academics, real-world learning, and community engagement, our students discover their potential, develop persistence, and recognize the value of others. Our graduates are ready for the future they will create.

The following elements form the core of The Franklin School of Innovation:
  1. Inquiry and investigation: Students will explore the world both within and beyond their immediate environment. 
  2. Ethics: Students will examine issues from multiple perspectives and identify the full impact of actions. 
  3. Collaboration: Students will work effectively within a group, navigating different ideological, cultural, linguistic, social, and geographic barriers. 
  4. Leadership: Students will recognize the leadership capabilities of themselves and others, and use them effectively. 
  5. Persistence: Students will see actions through to the end, recognize failure as part of the process, and identify multiple paths toward objectives.
  6. Action: Students will see themselves as active players in the world.
Yes, I support the development of a free public school of choice for middle and high school students in the Buncombe County region!
I would be interested in sending my child(ren) to an Expeditionary
Learning school in the Buncombe county area!
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