Exploratory Program Assessment

General Information
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Thank you for taking the time to fill out the Exploratory Program Assessment. Your responses to the following questions will help to make the program even better for future Exploratory Students. Your responses will remain confidential, yet will not be anonymous. Thank you again for your time and dedication to share your thoughts regarding the Exploratory Program at Western.
Who is your advisor? *This question is required.
Do you live in the Exploratory Living Learning Community? *This question is required.
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How well do you understand Western's General Education requirements?
How helpful was your academic advisor in your understanding of the General Education requirements?
How comfortable are you navigating DegreeWorks?
How helpful was your academic advisor in your understanding of and navigation through DegreeWorks?
  • Compared to the start of the year, do you have a better idea of your abilities, interests, and values?
Less close than the start of the year
Closer than the start of the year
Overall, do you think the Exploratory Program and your Exploratory Advisor are beneficial in helping you declare your major?