Emotion recognition and naming adult survey V2

About the survey
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We would like to invite you to take part in our survey which is looking at the different factors that might affect how well we can recognise and name different emotions. The survey is in a few different sections and will take about 30 minutes to complete. All of the information you provide will be anonymous. We will ask you to provide some information to allow us to match up the different parts of the survey, but no-one will be able to identify you from this. The information from the survey will be used to help us try to understand more about the particular difficulties that people with a learning disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder might have with emotion recognition. It will also be used as part of student educational projects. The project has undergone the ethics process at the University of Edinburgh. If you undertake the survey we will assume that you are consenting to take part in it. There is no forseeable risk to you in taking part but if you have any questions or comments, or if you would like a copy of the results at the end of the project, you can contact the project supervisor Dr Karen McKenzie at kmckenzi@staffmail.ed.ac.uk If you would like to speak to someone who is independent of the project, please contact Ethel Quayle at Ethel.Quayle@ed.ac.uk

If you are aware of other adults who might be interested in completing our survey, please pass on the link to them.

If you have difficulty with reading and writing you can ask someone to help you, but please don't ask for help with the answers as we would like to know what you think. Thank you very much for taking part.

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