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You can volunteer to help in any capacity in which you feel most comfortable and have the most interest. There are jobs for people who have little time to spare as well as for those who can take roles that require a devotion of more time and commitment. Your help is needed if you have expertise in government, the Constitution, history or politics (local, state or federal). But if you don't think you know enough about the legislative process or how politics works, we can give you the tools you need. An important byproduct of this program is that we will be growing a base of everyday citizens who are more informed and have a means to be more effective.

Volunteers perform one or more of these activities:

  • Monitoring a state or federal elected official
  • Monitoring the spotsylvania school board or board of supervisors
  • Following specific legislation from beginning to end
  • Providing research on specific issues
  • Disseminating the information to the Tea Party through our website, facebook and the public through letters to the editor.
  • Recommending tea party action as needed
An area on our website will be created for you to provide information about the representative you adopt.
1. If you want to adopt and monitor a Federal Representative, Select from below.
2. If you want to adopt and monitor a State Representatives, Select from below
3. If you want to adopt and monitor a member of the Board of Supervisors, Select from below
4. Do you want to adopt and monitor the Spotsylvania School Board?
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