Investigation into best practices for e-learning implementation and its future enhancements: Bridging gap between current state and the future

Brunel student survey
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The participant can leave any question un-answered or partially answered as per their suitability. Also, the length of the answer is dependent on the participant's own interest and it is not necessary to fill all the blank lines for an answer of a question. All information will be treated as strictly confidential. Your company as well as you will not be identified.
1. What do you expect from the new e-learning system Blackboard (BBL)?
2. Please list any difficulties that you have experienced or any limitations that BBL has:
3. Are you receiving sufficient support for BBL or you need other supporting resources? What other support would you require?
4. Have you used the previous e-learning system (u-Link) which was used in Brunel University in the past few years?
7. What else do you need in BBL to support your learning process? Or to help you learn more effectively? Is there any feature or function you need and cannot find on BBL?
8. What benefits have you gained from using BBL?
9. Are you satisfied with the online parts/aspects of your course?
10. How could the online aspects of your course be improved?
11. In your opinion, which technologies and tools can enhance further the BBL e-learning system?
12. What is your expectation for the future of e-learning in higher education?