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Auckland Regional Bike Facility Plan

Visitor Solutions has been appointed to develop a bike facility plan for the Auckland region. The plan is being developed as a partnership between Auckland Council, Bike NZ, the cycling codes within the Auckland region, the Regional Sports Trust Alliance and Auckland Transport and will be used to identify demand and to guide future facility developments.

The aim of the plan is to identify the current demand and facilities used, project how demand is changing and to identify what facilities will be required. The plan will consider the facility requirements for:
    • BMX.
    • Mountain bike.
    • Road.
    • Track.
    • Triathlon.
The aim of this survey is to identify facility issues, challenges and opportunities you currently face when accessing cycling facilities in the region.

Your views are very important to the project, please complete the survey as fully as possible by 22nd February. If you have any questions please contact

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