PT Blog Awards

2013 PT Blog Awards, sponsored by Therapydia
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Knowledge is power. Bloggers work tirelessly to ask tough questions, dig through research, inform and elevate the profession. You nominated your favorites and we picked the top 5 nominees in each category. Now it's time to vote for the best of the blogs! ** Note, we've extended the voting deadline until February 26, 2013.
1. Best Overal Blog
Outstanding overall PT blog with a focus on any aspect of PT
2. Best Clinic Blog
Blog run by a PT clinic
3. Best PT Blog
Blog from an independent PT
4. Best Student Blog
5. Best Advocacy Blog
Blog that focuses on advocacy and elevating the profession
6. Best Research in a Blog
Blog that best utilizes evidence based research
7. Best Use of Social Media
Blog that best utilizes social media
8. Best Use of Video
Blog that best utilizes video
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