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COTC Institutional Research Internal Request for Information and Assistance

Contact Information:
Questions about the form completion can be directed to 740.366.9383.
This question requires a valid email address.
Please describe your request in detail in the box below: For data requests and mailing lists include terms/years, population (e.g., all students, FT students, PT students, transfer students, specific majors); purpose of request (program/unit/department review, planning needs, grant application, address operational issues, policy review/revision, external reporting, accreditation efforts); layout and grouping of data and any other information that is specific to your needs.
For survey assistance include: survey instrument you will be using, who is completing the survey, the sampling procedure, method of distribution, beginning and ending date of collection period, expected results and how they will be used and a statement of permission received for conducting the survey.
For assistance with data analysis include: source and type of data, type(s) of analysis you expect to perform.
If you have a document that would be helpful to OIR&E, you may attach it here.