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2013 State of Community Management

Welcome to The Community Roundtable's 2013 State of Community Management survey! The goal of this research is to characterize and describe the value of business communities and how active community management impacts their success. This questionnaire was developed by TheCR research team with significant input from an advisory board of TheCR Network members.

This survey breaks new ground in the type of data collected about communities, and because of that, you may not be able to find all of the data requested. We expect that you may have to compile data from IT, HR or other internal groups, and we also expect that you may have to estimate some data due to the cross-functional nature of many community initiatives. We recommend printing off the associated survey workbook prior to submitting your response as you collect data and prepare estimates:

We estimate the actual response time of this survey to be 30-60 minutes, depending on how long it takes to collect the required data. 

We look forward to sharing the results of this survey later this spring when we publish the 2013 State of Community Management, our annual report that highlights the advances and trends in the business of community. Thank you for participating!