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Survey on effects of Science Funding Cash Freeze

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Following on from its campaign before the 2010 Spending Review, Science is Vital is now launching an initiative to urge the Government to not only protect, but to increase Research & Development spending in order to guarantee Britain's future competitiveness. This new campaign has already received public support from a large number of prominent scientists.

In 2010, the core research budget disbursed by the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) was ring-fenced and frozen in cash terms. However, cuts to capital expenditure and the R&D spend of other departments, combined with the effects of inflation, will have eroded the science budget significantly by 2014.

As the government announces the framework for a one-off budget for 2015-2016, we want to understand the effects the 2010 cash freeze has had in the way research is carried out in the UK. We hope to gather information from the research community and beyond. Our aim is to prepare a report that will accompany our current campaign for a public discussion on the future science funding strategy in the UK.

The following question are concerned with the way that changes to the funding climate since the 2010 Spending Review have materially affected the way you carry out your research, the resources available to you and your future perspectives. Text boxes are provided for further comments and any personal experiences you would like to share. (We would like to use some of your quotes anonymously to improve our report; we'll ask your permission on the next page. Please also try to exclude any details from the text that might help identify you.)
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