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Galesburg Public Library
The Galesburg Public Library is in the process of planning for a new building to replace its aging facility on E. Simmons Street.  The new Library would be built on the block bordered by West Main Street, South Academy Street, West Simmons Street and South West Street.  All of the existing structures on that block would be removed and replaced by the Library, parking for the Library and green space.

The Library would like your ideas and opinions about a new facility whether or not you use the Library on a regular basis.  This project has the potential for revitalizing the West end of the downtown area and creating new learning opportunities for the people of the Galesburg area.  Please take a few minutes to share you thoughts and opinions so we can create a new Library that truly reflects what the community wants and needs.  Thank you for your input!
1. Have you visited the Galesburg Public Library in the past six months?