SPM Strategy Survey

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How Well Developed is Your "SPM Strategy"?

Less than 10% of companies have a defined strategy for leveraging technology and best-practices to support their sales operations… and they're outperforming their competition. 

An effective SPM strategy combines critical people, technology and operation capabilities to create a powerful sales engine that delivers business strategy.

How does your business compare?

First Step – Complete the Survey

Completing the OpenSymmetry SPM Survey is the first step to understanding your current level of capability and overall SPM Power Rating. The survey output will provide you with an analysis of how your organization compares with your peers across all areas of SPM. 

After submitting your answers and completeing a simple company details page, the survey will display your SPM Power rating - the level of capability you have to deliver your sales strategy. 

For each aspect of SPM, please assess the current maturity of your processes, use of technology, supporting organisation and reporting capabilities. We have provided a definition for each aspect below:

Maturity of the process/level of automation No process defined or manual process not always followed Process is documented and followed but not automated Process is documented and automated. Poor integration with other applications Automated process using integrated applications to provide data integration/reporting capabilities