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Bishop Test #1


Welcome to Bishop - Test Number 1 (Jr. Officer)

This test is NOT TIMED and
You will only be allowed to take this test ONCE.

If you proceed to the next question you will NOT be able to go back
(so please be sure to answer each question completely before hitting the "NEXT" button).

You may save your work and return later to answer the remaining questions. 
To save your work click the "Save and Return" button at the top of the Test Window.

Your responses should reflect "CURRENT" posted guild policies, guidelines or game mechanics. For questions that may contain more than one correct answer, please chose ONLY the correct answer(s) that reflect current guild policy or game mechanics.

You must answer 70 percent of the questions correctly to pass this test.
Questions with no answers or partial answers will be graded INCORRECT.

These questions relate to your EQ2 game and Retributions Blade guild knowledge.
They are designed to help us understand the scope of your in-game knowledge, your ability to assist guild members in a manner consistent with guild policies, and covers a wide range of subjects.

Good luck with your test!  When you are ready to begin, click the NEXT button below...