50 years later: Test your Lester B. Pearson knowledge

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1. What did the "B" stand for?
2. Who was U.S. President when Mr. Pearson became prime minister?
3. The Liberals won a minority government in 1963. How many seats shy of a majority were they?
4. Which federal group, recently slated for elimination, was established during his government?
5. Which of these future prime ministers did not serve, at some point, in Pearson's cabinet?
6. In 1965, a free-trade agreement was struck between Canada and the U.S. concerning the production of what?
7. The Canada Pension Plan was established while Pearson was prime minister. In 1967, what was the maximum monthly amount a retiree could receive?
8. Established on the 100th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, who was the first inductee to the Order of Canada?
9. The current Canadian flag was adopted in 1964. Historian George Stanley is largely credited with its design, but his original submission differs in one respect. How?
10. Which university has a pub on its campus named after Pearson?
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