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NAC Member / CinemaCon Survey

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2012NAClogo_600_400.JPGWe are asking the members of NAC who participated in the 2013 CinemaCon to evaluate our acitivities at the show. Please be candid as your input will help us to improve our offerings as we continue our partnership with NATO. Please take a few minutes to fill out the breif survey form.
4. Please rate The 29th Annual Al Lapidus/Variety Boys & Girls Club Golf Classic
5. Please rate the All Industry Awards Breakfast - Presentation of the 2013 NAC Bert Nathan Memorial Award to Bob Shimmin, Cinemark USA.
6. Please rate the NAC Meeting Room for your business meetings
7. Please rate the NAC Educational Program: Issues that Keep Concessionaires Up at Night
8. Please rate your experience as an exhibitor at the trade show
9. Please rate the traffic and quality of attendees/contacts at the trade show from your perspective.