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Registered Continuing Education Program (RCEP) Presenter Quality Commitment Form

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This statement is designed to maintain the standards and requirements of RCEP. Each presenter must sign this agreement prior to initial offering under this program. The provider's primary point of contact for RCEP must retain this signed agreement with educational activity materials for a period of six years. Presenters are the key to quality continuing education programs. By signing this statement, a presenter agrees to maintain the quality educational activities and fulfill the outlined responsibilities. The presenter is responsible for items 1-4. TRB is responsible for items 5-11.

1. The educational activity will be delivered without endorsement, bias, marketing, or sales orientation.

2. The content of the educational activity as it relates to the learning objectives will not be altered. (Personalization of activities for presenters and location is allowed.)

3. All educational activities will be accurately promoted consistent with RCEP-approved language. Please vet any promotional materials for your webinar with TRB first.

4. Company/organization logos, product name, product reference numbers, and branding should not appear anywhere on the slides.

5. RCEP quality assurance slides will be included and reviewed with the participants during every educational activity. TRB will include this slide in the webinar introduction.

6. Information will be gathered from all participants according to the Administrative Requirements section. TRB will collect this information.

7. Results must be reported by TRB to the RCEP system within two weeks of activity completion.

8. TRB will notify all participants will be made aware that their attendance is required for the entire activity in order for credit to be issued. Partial credit will not be given.

9. Evaluation forms will be distributed and collected to gather feedback on content and delivery. TRB will gather this feedback.

10. TRB will provide all participants with documentation of completion within two weeks of activity completion.

11. All product and proprietary content and questions will be addressed after the educational content of the activity.

By signing this agreement, a presenter understands that his or her compliance is essential to continued success and provider registration in RCEP.

If you have any questions, please contact Elaine Ferrell at:
Phone: (202) 334-2399