UTS Project Survey

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Thank you for participating in this survey. This survey looks at aspects of change management in project-based organisations. Any information that you provide will be strictly confidential, non-attributable and subject to overall statistical analysis that leaves all respondents anonymous. The information you provide will help produce practical insights for professional practice and contribute to the development of project management knowledge and course design at universities. As such, please ensure you provide information that is as accurate as possible.

This research is carried out as a collaboration between the Centre for Management and Organisation Studies (at the University of Technology, Sydney), the Strategy, Organisation and Society Group (at the University of Newcastle Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom) and the Centre for Institutional and Organisational Studies (at the University of Newcastle, Australia); it is also supported by the Australian Research Council. All data provided will remain confidential and any academic research will ensure the anonymity of respondents.

For each of the following questions, please answer by thinking about how they apply to the typical project your organisation is involved in.

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