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GHI Deliverable Submission Form

GHI Deliverable

Hello! Welcome back from your global health rotation. We hope that the Global Health Initiative (GHI) funds you received helped you successfully achieve the goals of your program. Please upload your required deliverable.

Deliverable Guidelines
Upon return from your overseas rotation, you are required to submit either a (1) Reflection Paper or (2) Blog post to “Feinberg Perspectives in Global Health.”

For ALL global health experiences overseas, please respond to one or more of the following prompts:
a. What drew you to a global health experience at Feinberg?
b. What are your career aspirations and how does your global health trip enhance those goals?
c. Short anecdotes from your trip - if you experienced anything particularly meaningful or surprising, or an ethical dilemma
d. Compare the strengths and weaknesses in the healthcare system you observed and how might the strengths be integrated into the US system.
e. You may include photos from your trip but please note these must be HIPAA compliant.

IF you were overseas for your AOSC Project, or other Research Project, please include: Why you selected your global health rotation or project; the logistics of choosing a project, choosing a partner institution, finding a mentor, and scheduling time to go abroad.

This question requires a valid email address.
2. Please upload your reflection paper in DOC (Microsoft Word) format:
3. Would you this to be a reflection paper or Blog post?