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Paper & Clay Online Print Order Form

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We will not alter your files in any way, aside from changing dimensions, before printing them. You are expected to pay the full price of your print order upon pickup. If you have any questions about this order form or poster printing in general please call us at 404-894-2827. You can also place your order in person. We are located in the Georgia Tech Student Center on the third floor next to Dining Services.
1. Contact Information *This question is required.
2. Please upload your file(s) here (up to 50MB): *This question is required.Acceptable file types are png, gif, jpg, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, & txt.
3. Please indicate the dimensions, paper type(s), number of copies, and accessories for each file.Example:
  • Paper types include matte, semi-gloss, high-gloss, fabric, vinyl, and canvas. Hover over paper type for a description.
  • Our pricing can be found here. Please note, as of 8/17/15, we have different prices for non-GT customers. 
  • Our printing service is typically for large-scale printing. We do not print copies of business cards, post cards, etc.
  • All paper types have a maximum of 42" for one dimension, with the exception of canvas which has a maximum of 36".
  • If you want a file printed on multiple paper types or in multiple sizes, enter the file in multiple rows and then specify the paper type and dimensions for each copy.
  • If you want grommets/banner tabs, please indicate the number that you want per copy in the corresponding box. If you do not want any, please leave the box blank.
  • Foam board is available in 22"x28" and 20"x30". Poster board is available in 22"x28". If you do not want foam or poster board please leave these boxes blank.
  • See the next question to indicate any additional information about your order.
Space Cell File NameDimensions in inches (width x height)Paper TypeNumber of CopiesNum. of GrommetsNum. of Banner TabsNum. of Foam BoardsNum. of Poster Boards
1 *This question is required
Please note our standard turn around is 3 business days. There is a $15 rush fee if you need it by the close of business today, a $10 rush fee for close of next business day and a $5 rush fee for two business days. This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
6. What type of payment will you be using? *This question is required.