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Tenant Bill of Rights Survey

Tenant Bill of Rights Survey - WELCOME!

Tenants for Social Housing believe that all tenants should live with respect in safe, healthy, and affordable housing in mixed neighbourhoods. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. This summer we are talking with tenants across the City to capture the real voice of tenants living in rental homes in an effort to develop a Tenant Bill of Rights, driven by tenant experiences. We hope that tenants can use the Tenant Bill of Rights as a tool demand the respect that we deserve from landlords and all levels of government.

To capture many experiences and voices, we will engage Toronto tenants in many different ways, including an on-line survey, small group discussions, individual interviews, and participation in community events. We hope to have a draft Tenant Bill of Rights in Fall 2013 based on the results of the surveys. We will make sure to share the draft Tenant Bill of Rights with tenants shortly after.

We value everyone’s feedback. Thank you for in advance for your participation!

This survey is anonymous, your identity will not be attached to any answers or feedback you give.