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The Academy For Dog Trainers Application Form

Please read the form through in full before filling it in. There is a requirement at the end to submit an essay to accompany the application. We suggest writing this as well as any lengthy answers to other application questions offline using word processing software so that in the event of an Internet issue, you have saved your work to date. Then, copy and past your responses into the application.

Once you're done please click the submit button to send your application. You will receive a confirmation email shortly.

If you will be applying for a scholarship, please do not submit an application for enrollment ahead of time. The Academy's scholarship application includes all the same questions that appear below on the application for enrollment. It is submitted with all of the required scholarship elements during the application period. If you have questions, please refer to the 2015 Scholarship Information PDF on our website.
If you prefer you can print out the blank form, fill it in and mail it to: The Academy for Dog Trainers PO BOX 8655 Emeryville CA 94662
All text fields expand as required. Please give as much detail as possible.
8. Dog handling and wrangling experience. (Check all that apply)
10. Teaching, training and working with people
11. How many dogs live with you?
13. Your computer skills. *This question is required.The program requires you to shoot, edit and upload your training videos, navigate new websites, and use websites such as Facebook, YouTube, DropBox and Vimeo. You'll also need to stream video in common formats such as Flash, download and upload files, and research topics on the Internet using search engines, as well as troubleshoot your own computer. Are you able to do this?
What do you most want out of your Academy experience? These might include knowledge areas, skills, career aspirations, certification, networking, support and/or other(s)
What are the most important qualities a pet dog trainer needs to work well with clients?
What personal qualities do you feel you have that make you well suited to this challenging profession?
How much time do you think you will devote to study each week?
We’ve all had the experience of holding an entrenched or strong opinion and then changing it, sometimes as a result of gradual reflection, persuasive arguments made by others, epiphany or a combination of factors. Describe a time when you changed your view about something. How did it come about and how did it change you? Your experience can be about any subject (not necessarily dogs).
If you wish, you can upload your essay submission here.
19. How did you hear about The Academy For Dog Trainers?
When The Academy is taking on new students, enrollment of accepted applicants is on a first-come, first-served basis. Once course materials have been mailed, we do not offer tuition refunds.