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MND Association

Support Group Meeting Feedback

We are delighted to bring you the good news that we have been awarded £4,500 of lottery money to go towards funding our support group days.

We are currently reviewing the format of our support groups and we want your thoughts.  Please fill out as many of the answers as you can below.  

It is online at:  

A printed version will be available at Support Meetings too. 

You can fill it out anonymously and it should take around 5 minutes.  Whether you have or have not attended a meeting in the past we'd like to know your thoughts.  We'd also like to know feedback from carers or family and friends so please share around.


MND BBWW Group Committee

1. Please let us know what best describes you and your connection to the group
2. Do you attend Support Group Meetings (also called Group Open Meetings) regularly?
3. If you have attended our support meetings before can you tell us at what location(s)?
5. Would you be more likely to attend if they were held on:
6. How often do you think they should be held?
7. Would you be more likely to attend if they were held in a location in:
8. Would it be more helpful for you if the meetings were held in :
9. Are there any particular activities that you would like to see arranged at meetings?
10. Would you prefer to have :
11. Are you aware that the group can offer financial assistance to help individuals with MND and their families attend these meetings?
12. Do you receive a copy of our newsletter?
13. Would you prefer to receive a copy of the newsletter electronically?
14. Would you be interested in receiving further details of how you can become more involved in the work of the group?
15. If you would be interested in helping, is there any specific area you would be interested in?
17. If you would like to receive feedback or subscribe to the newsletter please add your name and email address below.
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