National Visit a Park Day 2013

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National Visit a Park Day 2013
The NRPA Young Professionals encourage park and recreation agencies, community leaders, civic groups, schools and other organizations to come together and participate in National Visit a Park Day on Friday, October 4, 2013!

The public is encouraged to set aside unnecessary obligations on October 4th and take time to visit a local, state, regional, or national park and enjoy the many benefits of these locations.  National Visit a Park Day provides the opportunity to take advantage of recreation offerings and education within parks that can spark healthy habits, renew a sense of appreciation for nature and community, and inspire ongoing visitation of parks for life-long enjoyment.  

Each participating group will choose the park and plan their own visit.  NRPA and the Young Professional Network (YPN) can offer assistance to the groups by helping them connect with parks and professionals.  For more information or program ideas related to Visit A Park Day please contact Chris Lucas at or Jennifer Upah at

Deadline to register is September 30, 2013. NOTE: by completing this form, you are allowing NRPA to share your contact information with the YPN Leadership to provide you will further details of the program. 

1. Please complete this quick registration with your Primary Contact Information. Only complete one form per group.