Hennepin County Bicycle Plan Survey

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Hennepin County is partnering with Three Rivers Park District, and other cities in the region, to do an extensive revamp of the Hennepin County Bicycle Plan.  The plan will cover on- and off-road bikeways, regional trails, and other bicycling amenities.

Feedback is needed on the following issues: shaping the vision and priorities for biking in the county, preferences for bikeway types, and barriers to biking. Please fill out this 10 minute survey so we can get a better idea of what direction you’d like to see the next Hennepin County Bike Plan move in.

This survey tool is part of a larger effort to hear from residents and visitors from Hennepin County.  If the language or format of the survey presents a challenge, please call Rose Ryan at 612-348-3009 or send an email to rose.ryan@co.hennepin.mn.us and we will arrange an alternative for you to share your feedback.

Thank you!