Colorado Flood Recovery Survey

Financial Assistance Details
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Thank you for sharing your need/idea for Colorado flood-related financial assistance. The Impact Angel Group is currently collecting information from these two groups:

Boulder County homes and businesses in need of capital for repairs. The group is currently conducting a survey to assess potential opportunities for angel investors to provide financial support for the repair of homes and businesses within Boulder County. Home and business owners in need of financial assistance who:

  • Are located in Boulder County
  • Did not have flood insurance prior to 9/9/2013
  • Have solicited a quote(s) from professional service provider(s) to complete repairs needed
Are invited to complete this survey.

Colorado-based startup companies addressing flood recovery relief or disaster prevention. We are also collecting information from any Colorado-based startup with plans to address flood recovery efforts or prevent disasters like this from occurring in the future.

This could include two kinds of startups:

1) Startups with a product or service specifically designed for flood recovery or disaster prevention (i.e.:disaster alert software, mold removal technologies, climate change preventing technologies)
2) Startups that will commit to providing assistance for flood relief victims (i.e.: offering a percentage of sales to a flood relief fund, providing free services to businesses hit hard by the flood)

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