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CVAH Feline Behaviour Questionnaire

Please complete this questionnaire with as much detail as possible because it is the detail in your answers which allows us to help your pet.

You can save the questionnaire at any time and come back and finish it later.

There is a facility at the end of the questionnaire for uploading files (a maximum of 10 documents or images, each less than 500K and they must have a doc, docx, gif, jpg, pdf, txt, xls or xlsx file extension.

If you have other files eg audio and or video they can be sent to me at or can be uploaded into a dropbox. Please contact me to organize this.

Video of the pet’s behaviour can also be invaluable but it must be stressed that you should never put the pet, yourself or any other person or animal in any stressful or dangerous situation just to get video.

We look forward to assessing your pet and helping you with the behaviour causing you concern.
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Special Terms and Conditions

I understand that all medical records and diagnositic images (E.g. radiographs) generated on my behalf by the UVTH shall remain the property of the UVTH, Sydney or the relevant research body. Please note that these data are available to your referring veterinarians as required.

I consent to allow any data, images or samples obtained as part of the examinations or treatments to be retained and used for educational and research purposes, provided confidentiality is assured.

By signing this with my computer mouse / screen etc I hereby certify that I have read and understood the terms and conditions expressed above and agree to be bound by same in law

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