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KCTCS Office of Research and Policy Analysis -- Survey Request Form

Survey Request Form

1. Please complete the survey request form below and someone from ORPA will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have issues or questions please send an email to ORPA.
4. Requested timeline (please note, while ORPA will make every effort to meet your timeline, the building and launch of survey projects will be determined based on the workload of ORPA staff at the time of the request). mm/dd/yyyy
6. Upload a list of potential survey questions. This file should include your survey items as well as the scales/type of questions for each item. (MS Word documents only). Feedback will be provided on question content and structure, if needed, so data can be gathered that will meet your intended purpose.If you do not yet have a list of questions please submit form and ORPA will work with you on building a set of questions for your project.
7. When your survey has been completed, data can be returned in several ways. We can export to an Excel File where you will see each respondent on a separate line in a spreadsheet, we can export it as a Word document or text file where you can copy and paste text responses into a report or we can run the typical Adobe *.pdf document with charts and number of responses indicated as well as text responses. Please indicate which of those you prefer for your data.
8. Would you like additional analysis of your data from an ORPA staff member that includes more analysis than summary reports?
9. If you intend to survey students, faculty or staff at the colleges, an HSRB request may need to be submitted for approval. The guidelines, forms and information are available at the link shown below and the approval process usually takes up to two weeks. Please indicate whether you have applied, been approved or find an application unnecessary.