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PlanVision Planning Assessment


Thanks for your interest in PlanVision's Retirement Planning Guidance. We look forward to helping you get a better idea of how your future might unfold financially and personally. It is important for us to get a sense of your expectations.

Please take a few moments to respond to these questions. Almost all of our clients find this to be an enjoyable and thought provoking process. This will help us prior to our session. These questions will be easier to answer the closer you are to retirement. However, do your best to respond if retirement is still a ways off. 

This should take approximately 3 to 5 minutes.  Your responses are private and we do not share them with anyone! 
This question requires a valid number format.
Are you looking forward to retirement?
Do you believe you will be happy in retirement?
Do you expect to be more fulfilled in retirement?
Would retirement be the right word to describe your future after you leave your job or career?
Do you believe you will work in retirement?
Since you selected Yes or Not sure, is that because you think you will have to work or because you know you will want to work?
If you did not have to work, would you still want to?
If you either have to work or want to work, would you want to do something in your current line of work or in a different line of work?
What age do you think represents old age?
If there are some things you would like to do or accomplish in retirement, please list them here. You can identify up to 7 things. You can be general or specific. Don't be afraid to be creative. Some examples would be: 1) Travel overseas; 2) Spend time with Family; 3) Exercise more; 4) Watch more TV; 5) Get a new job; 6) Move to a new area. If you cannot think of anything at this time, leave blank.
The following questions concern end of life care. We recommend that you try and answer. However, we realize that this might be difficult if you are several years away from retirement. You can certainly skip these questions but we encourage anyone over the age of 65 to answer.  If you do not want to answer, skip down to the questions about your experience with financial advisers.
If your health were to deteriorate, where would you hope to spend the final year(s) of your life? (Check all that apply)
If you needed care, whom would you prefer to receive it from? (Check all that apply)
Have you discussed with anyone how you would receive care later in life?
I have discussed these issues with: (Check all that apply)
I plan on discussing this issue with someone at some point:
Have you had experience with an advisor before (not including PlanVision) or are you currently working one (which is fine - our guidance could supplement what they do for you)?
Do you get informal investment or financial planning guidance, or help, from a family member or friend?
The people we work with have very different expectations for how much they want to learn, or be "educated", about the topics we cover as we provide guidance. We are all different in this regard. Please indicate how much you prefer to know about the topics we cover. You are not bound by this answer, but this just gives a better sense of how we can help you!
Thanks so much for taking the time to complete this! We hope you enjoyed the exercise.

It is helpful to us and we look forward to assisting you. Enter the following information to complete the survey. You will be emailed a PDF copy of your answers.

To reiterate, your answers are private - we do not share them with anyone!
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