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SDSWE Part I Evaluation

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1. Sex
2. Years at university
3. Disciplinary background (or planned direction of studies). Check several if you wish
The purpose of education is to ensure that students acquire knowledge, skills and competences and are given the opportunity to develop a well thought-through approach to their education and future profession. Students should also be encouraged to make use of the University’s width from a formation perspective and thereby be given the chance develop personally. All planning of courses and teaching should be based on disciplinary and pedagogical knowledge and with the aim of to facilitate students’ independent, active learning and responsibility-taking. (translated excerpt from Uppsala University’s pedagogical program)

How meaningful was the lecture/seminar/workshop for your process of learning? (1=without meaning; 5=very meaningful)
4. Course Coordinators: Course Introduction and Framework
5. Dennis Pamlin: Import and Export of Ideas
6. Karin Beland Lindahl: Politics of Natural Resource management & Mini-Seminar 1
7. Olle Jansson: Politics and the meaning of sustainable development during the the last 100 years
8. Fieldtrip to Skansen
9. Course Coordinators: Seminar 1, Case study market place
10. Course Coordinators: Gender in Sustainability Seminar
11. Hugh Beach: ‘Rationalized‘ Management
12. Lina Hedman: Reproducing Social Unsustainability & Mini-Seminar 2
13. Course literature: Case Study Methodology
14. Course literature: Articles in Course Reader
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