FR Spring Student Registration

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Survey Overview

Welcome to the Western State Colorado University New Student Registration Survey

Before completing this survey, you should have viewed the DegreeWorks Overview video tutorial (accessed from western.edu/registration, clicking on the DegreeWorks Overview link) on our Western Academic Resource Center YouTube Channel. You will also need to have DegreeWorks open on another tab or window in order to complete this survey. If you have not yet reviewed the overview or do not have DegreeWorks open, please do so now before proceeding.

Please note that this survey may take you up to an hour to complete, as you will be asked to identify your preferences for General Education and major requirements. If at any point you need to stop the survey, you will be able to click at the top of the page to "Save and continue survey later" on pages 2 and beyond.

Once you have completed the survey you will receive an email confirmation of your responses. An academic advisor will email you at your Western email account within ten business days with your schedule and additional information. Please be on the lookout for that email once you have completed the survey.