Media Consumption Habits

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Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. Your feedback is incredibly important to us as we continue to develop new ways of offering the best of PBS on digital platforms.
1. Please indicate which of the following technology devices or services you have at home, or which you plan to get in the next 12 months.
2. Thinking about your typical week, how often do you engage in the following activities?
3. If you use devices that connect your TV to the Internet, which devices do you use (choose all that apply)?
4. If you pay to stream or download TV shows or movies, which services do you use (choose all that apply)?
5. How frequently do you typically watch each of the following types of programs?
6. Which of the following website(s) from networks do you use to watch television programs online (choose all that apply)?
8. Do you use free streaming video services on any of the following websites to watch PBS programs? If so, which website(s) (choose all that apply)?
9. If you watch PBS programs online, please tell us which programs you’ve watched in the past month:
10. If you own an iPad, do you use either of these apps to watch PBS programs?
11. What other subscription-based online media services (movies, news, TV, etc.) do you use?
12. THIRTEEN is considering offering a web and streaming video services as an exclusive benefit to members who donate to the station. Would any of the following digital services encourage you to donate, become a Member, or renew your Membership?
13. If members-only content would encourage you to donate to THIRTEEN, what type of donation would you prefer to make to get services like those listed above?
14. What is your gender?
15. How old are you?
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